About the Process

Benefits of Mediation

  • Quick
  • Affordable
  • Confidential
  • Amicable
  • Allows you to be in control
  • Allows you to design the agreement
  • Spares your children
  • Saves your sanity

What is divorce mediation?

Family and divorce mediation allows difficult decisions to be made without attorneys. In mediation, it is the couple who decides on the details of the divorce, rather than a judge who may establish terms that are unfavorable for both parties. By choosing mediation over litigation, you are in control of your arrangement and future, you save costs, and you protect your children, assets, and oftentimes your job and career. Mediation is affordable and should not last longer than 2-4 meetings (6-10 hours). As a mediator I do not represent any of the parties. What I represent is the effort to work together to resolve a difficult situation, which I am sure takes a heavy toll on your lives. My experience and expertise in mediation and conflict resolution will help you overcome barriers and reach an agreement so you can separate and resolve your disputes with a sense of fairness and dignity.

How can mediation help children of divorcing parents?

Unless their parents make a concerted effort to work together to minimize the impact of the divorce on them, children of divorce can feel that they have no sense of belonging. Parents should use good judgment and allow and encourage positive, loving feelings about the other parent. If the parents take a mature approach to the change that divorce brings any negative impact of the divorce itself on the children will be greatly minimized. In fact, if the parents focus on the positive of the changes, their children will too. Divorce mediation followed by parenting coordination will guide you in preserving your children’s sense of stability, allowing them to thrive.

How is mediation different from litigation?

Mediation Litigation
  • Average Cost $1,500 – $2,500 per couple
  • Takes 6-12 hours (2-4 meetings)
  • You are in control
  • You decide what is best for your children
  • Confidential
  • $15,000 – $40,000 per spouse
  • Can take years
  • You have minimal control
  • Experts decide what is best for children
  • Public records

How Can I Help You?

As a mediator and conflict resolution expert, I provide a pleasant and affordable alternative to costly court battles. This will save your sanity and resources and protect your kids. I will work with you and your spouse to design an agreement for your future. This agreement will guide your family and allow everyone involved to move on to new stage in their lives. Typically, this agreement will cover your finances and, if you have children, a parenting plan and child support. I do not use legal, complicated language. The agreement will be written clearly and collaboratively. After we prepare it, we can fill in the forms that you will need to present to the court. If you wish, you may then choose to have an attorney and/or an accountant review the documents. Ultimately, the agreement and forms will be filed with the court’s clerk and your case will be set for a final hearing as an uncontested and agreed upon dissolution of marriage. You may choose to meet with me further to continue work on the parenting coordination of your separation. I offer parenting coordination sessions for currently divorcing or already divorced couples.